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McClatchy is a nationally recognized brand reaching millions of consumers coast to coast as an essential part of the 29 communities we represent. If you are interested in having your articles featured on one of our sites, please fill out the form below. We will evaluate your answers to see if your content is a fit.

Before you reach out, please review the following policies to make sure they align with your goals.

All articles are subject to review for adherence to all McClatchy policies and guidelines, content categories, and publishing will be at our discretion.
McClatchy will not take part in producing/writing the content. All text, pictures, video, etc., featured in the article, as well as the headline and byline, must be sent publication ready.
The byline should include the writer’s name, not a pseudonym. The article must feature a valid email address.
McClatchy will add a “Sponsored Content” label and disclaimer that the article was not produced by any of our newsrooms
Articles will be posted in the “Sponsored Content” section of our sites. We do not allow articles in any other sections. Articles may be archived 365 days after initial publication.
Articles may feature up to three external links. Articles that feature links designed to persuade the user to buy a product/service may be rejected.
Articles will be indexed to search engines but will use no-follow tags.
The rate to publish an article starts at $1,750 per article. Pricing may vary depending upon the McClatchy website. McClatchy must receive payment before the article is published.